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Paycove puts a stop to manual data entry and provides you
with the fastest way to streamline your billing process.

Automated Invoicing

Paycove automatically captures, transforms and displays Capsule data as a quote or invoice.

Accept Payments

Your customer and product data is synced to display up-to-date pricing. Customers can pay easily.

Stay Updated

Ensure you never operate with inconsistent data. When a customer pays, Capsule is updated instantly.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing sales workflow

Quotes and invoices are created when deals reach the "trigger" stage of your pipeline that's setup with Paycove. Paycove quotes and invoices are always synced with deal, contact, product and custom fields data in Capsule.

  •   Eliminates the need to manually create quotes and invoices.
  •   Bi-directional sync with deals, contacts, custom fields and products.
  •   Paycove updates and alerts are added to deals in Capsule.

Generate custom quotes and invoices with custom fields

Eliminate time involved in writing up complicated invoices. With Paycove it takes seconds to create quotes and invoices that include all of the data from your custom Capsule fields.

  •   Automatically include custom deal, contact and product data.
  •   Customize where Capsule data displays on quotes and invoices.
  •   Ability to create and manage custom taxes, VAT and fees.

Sync your Capsule product library or create products in Paycove

Each Capsule product associated with your deal is added as a line item on your Paycove quote or invoice. If your plan doesn't include products you can easily create them in Paycove.

  •   Include Capsule products and Stripe subscriptions as line items.
  •   Include discounts, unit price, quantity, taxes and more.
  •   Create products and line items directly in Paycove.

Automate the quote to cash process with Paycove

Paycove automates the entire billing process from: Deal ... Quote ... Invoice ... Paid. You can even keep your quote and invoice data synced with your favorite accounting software.

  •   Create, send and track quotes and invoices directly from Capsule.
  •   Quote and invoice activity automatically triggers updates to Capsule deals.
  •   Sync your billing data with your back-end accounting software.

An invoicing platform designed
for teams that use CRM software

Flexible Payment Options

Use a variety of payment options to meet unique customer needs.


Link subscriptions with Stripe to auto-bill long term clients.

Custom Templates

Show off your style with quotes and invoices that leave a lasting impression.

File attachments

Include your detailed project plans and product specific documentation.

Email Reminders

Improve cash flow by ensuring invoices don't fall through the cracks.

Team Members

Work collaboratively with an unlimited number of team members.

Digital E-Signature

Allow customers to digitally sign important sales quotes.

Trackable URLs

See when and where your quotes and invoices are viewed by your customers.

Downloadable PDFs

Custom Taxes

Issue Refunds

CSV/XLS Export

Custom Fields

Offline Payments

ACH/Bank Transfer


Scheduled Payments


Accounting Sync

Bulk Actions

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