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Digital billing solutions for construction and home improvement firms

Sales and marketing teams at high growth construction and home improvement companies use Paycove to streamline their quoting, invoicing, and payments process.

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faster project approvals
with streamlined quote processes


reduction in payment delays
with instant invoicing capabilities


increase in client retention
through flexible payment options

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Tailor Billing to Client & Business Needs

With our flexible billing scenarios, you can support scheduled payments, milestone-based payments, one-time payments, and more.

  • Structured Payment Schedules
    Automate billing for multi-phase construction projects, ensuring timely collection of funds after each completed stage.

  • Progress-based Billing
    Generate invoices based on construction milestones, aligning payments with the progression of the project and ensuring a stable cash flow.

  • Flexible Payment Options
    Offer clients various payment methods, whether for individual services, materials, or ad-hoc construction needs, providing them with greater flexibility and convenience.

Boost Sales & Project Completion with Payment Plans

Offer customers the option to pay for construction and home improvement projects in installments, so they can spread the cost over time.

  • Initial Project Deposits
    Secure a project's initiation by collecting upfront deposits, while providing clients the flexibility to contribute more than the initial requirement, ensuring project stability and trust.

  • Construction Phase Commencement
    Flexibly define payment start dates, whether it's post the receipt of funds, at the beginning of a construction phase, or based on bespoke dates synced from your project management tools.

  • Early Completion Discounts
    Entice clients with the option to fast-track payments, letting them clear their balance ahead of schedule. Integrate incentive structures such as discounts or reduced fees to promote full, upfront settlements.

Streamline Operations with Seamless Integrations

With real-time data syncing and integrations with popular CRM and accounting software, you can easily manage your customer data and track your finances.

  • Real-time data syncing
    Keep your customer data up-to-date with real-time syncing, so you can always access the most accurate information.

  • Sales and accounting integrations
    Connect with tools like HubSpot, Stripe, Xero, and Quickbooks, so you can manage your customer data and track your finances in one place.

  • Tax calculations
    Paycove's automated tax calculations make it easy to manage taxes and fees on your invoices and quotes.

Save Time with Smart Templates and Workflows

Automate template selection and data display based on your configured rules, saving your team time and ensuring accurate data.

  • Custom acceptance workflows
    Create custom acceptance workflows that fit your construction or home improvement company's needs, so you can capture all the information you need from customers during the purchasing process.

  • Customizable templates
    Use professional templates to create beautiful quotes and invoices that reflect your business's branding. Templates use liquid fields that dynamically display the data from your integrated apps.

  • Smart templates
    Effortlessly manage multiple templates with Paycove and automate template selection with smart rules.

Elevate your Customer's Payment Experience

Increase customer satisfaction with support for multiple payment options and currencies.

  • Multiple payment methods
    Accept payments from customers using a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Apple/Google Pay, and more.

  • Multiple currencies
    Support multiple currencies, so you can accept payments from customers around the world.

  • Offline payments
    Not all payments can be captured online and Paycove allows you to manually track offline payments on your invoices.

Collections and Reporting

Automate template selection and data display based on your configured rules, saving your team time and ensuring accurate data.

  • Streamlined Payment Collections
    Efficiently manage and automate invoice collections from clients, suppliers, and contractors. Set custom follow-up sequences for each project to ensure timely payments and reduced overdue accounts.

  • Project-centric Reporting
    Easily generate comprehensive reports detailing project expenses, profits, and outstanding balances. Tailor dashboards to align with your construction company's objectives and data needs.

  • Data-driven Decision Making
    Leverage Paycove's analytical capabilities to gain insights into project trends, financial health, and revenue forecasting, ensuring informed decisions and optimized operations.

Your billing, collections
and revenue all in one place

Bring your tools with you. Paycove integrates seamlessly with most popular sales and accounting software

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